03 June, 2011

Jeffrey Archer - Only Time Will Tell

This novel belongs to the master craftsman Jeffry Archer. Every chapter, every sentence screams his style. His proven skill in handling vast plot and story spread in long time frame is at peak in this. Though the story spread through around 100 years, not even a single page of it was boring. The gripping narrative makes it a real non-put-down-able book.

The style of writing is fresh. Every book starts with the diary of a character, and then moves ahead with his / her life and blends with the incident the author was describing in the previous book. The back and forth of the flow, is adding to the style of the narrative. There are many twists in the tale. And they are stylishly revealed.   

The book starts with the diary of Maisie Clifton, mother of the protagonist Harry Clifton, describing one landmark incident of her life, which made her life twisted and confused. The book of her son, his friends etc are followed. I am not getting into more of it here. Because if I try to give hint of the story, I will end up quoting the whole book, because without that I won't be able to justify the plot ! The thing that stands out and will remain in your mind is the way Archer plotted it. The ease and style only he can deliver. The reader will cheer every little victory young Harry makes, down when he cries, and beam with pride when he triumph the battles the life chose for him.
The other characters are woven around him - to make his life easy or to pose challenges, and they are the best ones for the chosen job ! May it be his mother doing her best to see her kid gets what he needed at every point of life, or the 'villain' who makes his life difficult when everything seems perfect. Read it to know what's so inspiring there :)  
One thing was disappointing - the ending. It was so abrupt, just like somebody teared-off lots of pages from the book. And there are many questions unanswered, many twists unfold. Then I was told that this is the first part of a series which will complete in five installments. Alas, he will publish only one book an year. That will be too much of waiting !  
 Do not miss this one. The only regret you could have is that, you got to wait a long time to see the story unfold completely. Still, while it lasts, the gripping story will keep you engaged and satisfied. Go for it.

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