08 October, 2011

Paulo Coelho - Eleven Minutes

Bijith :|: ബിജിത് has already written a review on 'Eleven Minutes'. This is a closer view of ‘Eleven Minutes’, what i felt and what I learnt form the book. I wasn't merely reading the book, I was learning the book, a book about love,  love which includes desire, sex, passion, hopes, dreams, adventure, sadism, masochism, pain and suffering. I feel like the book like a journey, a journey towards the scared nature of sex.

01 October, 2011

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

There are only a few books I have read more than once. An English book? never, till I picked up The Alchemist last week. I have read this book about three years back and still remember the essence of it. Even then, this second read was interesting and I found the way story unfold had a whole different meaning than the first time. I felt I understand the meaning and message of the book better now. May be a third read after another three years may give it a complete different colour...