08 May, 2013

Amish - The Oath Of The Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy, #3)

The grand finale of a grand series... May be it’s true about the grand size of the book ;) Like most of the thick books ( from Harry Potter to very Indian Alchemy Of Desire ), here too the focus and pace are on stake at times. It may not be intentional. The author has so much to tell and this is the last chance for him. So he tried to put everything at once. May be he badly wanted to use the extra effort he put down for the research, or a point or two which crossed his mind, or just want to ensure the reader and he on the same, by giving a little brief explanation about few points... 

I liked the journey of Shiva. The journey which made a tribe leader, the Mahadev. The way journey was executed by the author is also very nice ( wish I can write like that... ). He presented more than a handful of ideologies and it was presented so fresh, even though we already knew it! That is the gifted writing. When he was suggesting the old civilization ( at least few of the cities ) had the engineering capabilities or the science so advanced to make nuclear weapons or to change the course of rivers, or long distance water canals, we will be made to believe it. That is something. Taking the reader with him and making them convinced of what he has to say..  

Truly able, talented writing. And at the same time, never ever he feels like cunning or suggestive. I was overwhelmed by his frankness in writing. Reading it reminded me of Randamoozham, Malayalam novel by MT Vasudevan Nair which paint Mahabharatam through the eyes of Bheem. There in the prologue MT says that the Mahabharata as we know now is a modified, altered version to suit the taste of God hungry people! Something Amish suggests in this series. MT says, the sons of Kunti were not God born. As Pandu needed the first son to be wise to be a king ( I am not sure how they made sure it would be as son), Kunti was impregnated by Vidhur. Bheem was fathered by a strong tribe man so that he will be a strong brother for the king and so on... Krishna was not at all a God in his book, which he says is the real story told by Vyas. I wish I could read it. Because it will be more uplifting and encouraging reading the story of humans, through their deeds became legends. Rather than the stories of Gods who had super powers in their possessions to make everything in their way. 

One thing I cannot agree with the author is the usage of swear words. Well, making the characters human is nice, but should it be this way... I feel bad that I suggested it to my high school cousin and her dad thinks I always suggest good books to her. Though she reads main stream English novels with much more graphic language, I didn't want her to find such things in a book I suggest.. May be I was too eager for her to read that book before  I read it myself.

Of all the philosophy, history, guidance it discussed, I liked the Love story the most. Whether it is in the first book when Shiva says 'I Love you' for the first time to Sati, or how he reacts in the end or caring all in between, the romantic part was very touching and real to me :) Direct to the Bollywood theme ;) It was nice to see Gods Love like humans, it is an encouragement for us humans to Love like Gods too !!! 

Can this book be enjoyed by a non-Hindu reader ? I was asked. I would say, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a respect for the ancient civilization and enjoy a little bit of sci-fi adapted to pre-new-world era. Like you don't need to know the entire bible to enjoy a Dan Brown book, but need to have a faint interest and appreciation about the art and secrets hidden in them ( that is all I can say of Brown's complicated plots ;) )

In short, this book like the first two of the series, deserve a place in your
library. So add it. Because there is a strong chance that you will read them again. I am waiting for my head to cool down a bit so that I can be with books again. Despite that I finished this thick book in a fair pace. So go get it. You will not be disappointed.

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